Posted in Newsletter on May 18, 2024

Celebrating Armed Forces Day

black and white photo of James Bernice Boo Daddy Moore SrAt Evans Moore, LLC, we have had the good fortune to represent several members of the armed services in the last eight years. Evans Moore, LLC attorney, James “Jimmy” Moore Jr., served as an officer in the United States Air Force during Vietnam following his graduation from The Citadel. His father, James Bernice “Boo Daddy” Moore Sr., was called to active duty as a lieutenant in November of 1943, serving in the European Theater of WWII and was discharged with the rank of Captain. Scott’s grandfather was a Naval Lieutenant in WWII, and his dad spent 12 years as a captain in the United States Air Force, flying KC-135 mid-air refuelers and C5 transport planes in and out of Vietnam. Scott’s two older siblings were both born on Air Force bases. We are proud to have been guided by veterans’ examples of valor, bravery, hard work, and service to others. May 18 is Armed Forces Day, where we can share our appreciation for the patriots who answer our nation’s call and take an oath to defend our country and its Constitution. Despite its significance, this holiday often does not get its due. We would like to share Armed Forces Day’s history and what it represents.

History of Armed Forces Day

President Harry Truman spearheaded the effort to establish a holiday dedicated to thanking military members for their patriotism and selfless service to our country. As a result, Armed Forces Day was officially created on Aug. 31, 1949, to be celebrated on the third Saturday in May.

military aircraft flying in formation

Prior to 1949, there were separate days commemorating the Army, Navy, and Air Force. This meant the Marine Corps previously did not get their due, as they were denied their own dedicated day despite their protestations. Armed Forces Day replaced the three separate commemorations, creating a grander, unified celebration that honored the Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Guard, Reserve Forces, and the newly-created Space Force.

What It Represents

Armed Forces Day provides an opportunity to come together as a country in support of members of our military supporting our country. We remember the sacrifice of those protecting us at home, those serving overseas, and those who previously served and now act as examples of commitment to the service of others.

More than solely echoing the sacrifices and service of our military members, this day also celebrates the spirit of teamwork and cooperation between the branches of our Armed Forces. They work together to protect our freedom and democracy, shielding current and future generations from those who would do us harm. Their example inspires us to do our part in our own profession and to obtain justice for those we serve.