Evans Moore, LLC Results

With Millions in verdicts and settlements awarded to our clients, the attorneys at Evans Moore, LLC work tirelessly to bring you the justice you deserve. Below are some of our attorneys’ results.

$1,500,000 Jury Verdict – Top 10 Jury Verdicts of 2016
Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death from Failure to Diagnose Aortic Aneurism
$1,350,000 Settlement
Alleged Psychiatric Malpractice
$1,200,000 Settlement
Prison Misconduct and Neglect
$600,000 Settlement with Public Apology
Prison Misconduct – Inmate Stabbing
$1,000,000 Confidential settlement in excess
Jail Misconduct and Neglect
$1,500,000 Settlement
Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death - Failure to Timely Diagnose
Confidential Settlement
Jail Misconduct and Medical Malpractice at County Jail Resulting in Death
$858,262 Verdict
Fire Damage Due to Negligence of Power Company
Confidential Settlement
Jail Misconduct and Medical Malpractice at County Jail Resulting in Death
$3,900,000 Settlement
Medical Products Liability
$900,000 Judgment
Trucking Accident Resulting in Broken Ankle
Confidential Settlement
Sexual Assault of Minor Child at a Group Home
$600,000 Settlement
Wrongful Death of Inmate
$200,000 Settlement
Institutional Negligence – Department of Social Service’s Failure to Protect Child
$375,000 Jury Verdict
Car Accident
$450,000 Settlement
Slip and Fall at Retail Store
$300,000 Settlement
Slip and Fall at Festival
$97,500,000 Jury Verdict
Civil Rights - Police Shooting Wrongful Death
$310,000 Settlement
Hospital Negligence – Slip and Fall
$275,000 Settlement
Hospital Negligence – Slip and Fall
$1,600,000 Jury Verdict
Fraternity Hazing Injury
Confidential Settlement
Sexual Assault at County Jail
$150,000 Settlement
Assault of Federal Prisoner
$200,000 Settlement Plus Agreement to Redesign Roadway
Roadway Defect
$250,000 Settlement
Slip and Fall – Music Venue
Confidential Settlement
Medical Malpractice – Retained Object During Surgery
$375,000 Settlement
False Arrest against Convenience Store
$245,000 Settlement
Civil Rights - Unconstitutional Strip Search
$750,000 Settlement
Medical Malpractice – Failure to Timely Diagnosis
$250,000 Settlement
Prison Medical Malpractice
$350,000 Settlement
Prison Misconduct and Neglect resulting in Suicide
$125,000 Settlement
Medical Malpractice - Negligent Placement of IV
$185,000 Settlement
Medical Malpractice – Retained Object During Surgery
$175,000 Settlement
Auto Accident
$275,000 Settlement
Pharmaceutical Negligence – Fall Resulting from Medication Error
$375,000 Settlement
Auto Accident Involving Intoxicated Driver
$475,000 Settlement
Auto Accident
$185,000 Settlement
Sexual Assault by Government Worker
$1,300,000 Settlement
Trucking Accident
$1,050,000 Settlement
Trucking Accident
$1,500,000 Settlement
Industrial Products Liability Actiont
$1,500,000 Jury Verdict
Misdiagnosis by Doctor Resulting in Denial of Life Insurance
$1,750,000 Settlement
Products Liability
$300,000 Settlement
Civil Rights - Wrongful Arrest by City Police
$500,000 Settlement
Auto Defect – Products Liability
$850,000 Settlement
Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death – Government Clinic Failed to Timely Manage Heart Arrythmia
$465,000 Settlement
Medical Malpractice
$325,000 Settlement
Medical Malpractice
Confidential Settlement
Wrongful Death - Security Guards at National Retailer Restrained Shopper who Suffered from Heart Arrythmia
$525,000 Settlement
Sexual Assault by Government Volunteer at Sport’s Camp
$190,000 Settlement
Hospital Negligence – Slip and Fall
$288,750 Arbitration Verdict
Nursing Home Neglect
$175,000 Settlement
Civil Rights – Inmate Denied Timely Access to Medical Care Resulting in Hospitalization
$275,000 Settlement
Dental Malpractice – Infection of Extracted Tooth
$257,000 Settlement
Retained Surgical Object - Drain Left Behind in Surgery
$150,000 Settlement
Slip and Fall at Hospital
$250,000 Settlement
Jail Neglect

These descriptions are meant only to provide information about the experience of our attorneys at Evans Moore, LLC. This firm cannot guarantee results. The results listed represent the gross verdict and settlement amounts, prior to the deduction of attorney’s fees and expenses. These results are not intended to compare one lawyer’s services with other lawyer’s services. Some of these results were obtained in connection with joint representation with other law firms or while employed at previous law firms. Neither Evans Moore, LLC, nor its attorneys can predict, warrant or guarantee that any of its clients will achieve the results for their case as shown in the summary of results set forth on this website or as achieved in prior, similar cases. No lawyer or law firm can predict, warrant or guarantee particular results for a client. Many factors affect the outcome of any case.


Marnie H.

My attorney James Moore goes the extra mile for clients and I highly recommend Mr Moore. He is always available for his clients.


Honest and dedicated.


Amazing attorneys who will work very hard to make sure justice is served and that everything runs as smoothly as possible.


I recently retained Mr. James Moore to represent me in an accident involving a trucking company. He settled the case in a timely and professional manner, and i couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. I would recommend him and the firm, with the highest regards, to anyone needing legal representation.


God Bless James Moore & Scott Evans for the work they do – fighting for those that cannot speak for themselves, those that are pushed aside and thrown away, those that do not have a voice, those that are true victims.


James and Scott’s personal attention and responsiveness are attributes that made them really stand out. Their preparedness and dedication to a favorable outcome was exceptional. They are both genuinely good people who care for the well-being of their clients.


Professional while also being engaging. Walked family through tough experience and was knowledgeable calming voice. Very glad we hired.

Jenn (on behalf of her father)

After suffering a tragic loss, I went to several law firms looking for someone to help with some sort of settlement from the family of the person who caused the loss. After having the door shut in my face, countless times I met with James and Scott, who agreed to take the case to see what he could do. Each time , throughout the process I called the office, no matter who I spoke to or why I called, everyone made me feel like a valued client. I am grateful for the Evans Moore law firm and will recommend them to anyone who would find their representation useful.


Scott Evans handled cases for my daughter and me in the last few years with great results. He is professional, knowledgeable, caring and provides comfort for his clients during their hard times. Office staff at Evans Moore is terrific, always helpful when I called and a great asset to the firm. Should i need legal help in the future I will call Evans Moore.


I retained James Moore of Evans Moore Law firm in regards to traffic accident in which I was involved. The expert advice, legal support and personal attention Mr. Moore provided during a stressful time and unfavorable situation was unparalleled. Not only was the issue resolved swiftly, but Mr. Moore went out of his way to keep me updated on all matters during the process. The next time I’ll need to call ‘my lawyer,’ as they say, I’ll know exactly who to call. Thanks again to Mr. Moore and the entire Evans Moore Law Firm for your support!