South Carolina Jail Misconduct Lawyers

Prisoners have rights, and they have the power to take action to enforce those rights like any other citizen. This statement is especially important to reinforce as the prison population is uniquely vulnerable to misconduct. At times, individuals or institutions as a whole forget that they have the responsibility to protect the rights of incarcerated people in South Carolina. Send a message to those accountable that behavior like direct physical abuse, neglect, or neglect by medical treatment denial will not be tolerated.

At Evans Moore, LLC, our jail misconduct attorneys will work with you to develop a comprehensive legal strategy against the officials or institution responsible for the misconduct that you or a loved one has been made to suffer.

Jail Misconduct Claims in Charleston

When state and federal regulations are not rigorously upheld by prison officials, they typically may be held liable for any injury or distress that results from their misconduct. While our attorneys possess the resources and the experience to pursue any claim of jail misconduct, many claims are associated with the following forms of misconduct:

  • Prevention of the rightful access to medical care
  • Physical abuse from police or prison guards
  • Physical abuse from unmonitored inmates

As part of our commitment to your case, you will work with both of our firm’s partners, who will each draw upon their respective experiences in an effort to help you recover both compensation and justice.

Consult with a Jail Misconduct Attorney in Georgetown

With offices in both Charleston and Georgetown, our jail misconduct lawyers are committed to protecting the rights of incarcerated people throughout the state. To discuss the misconduct you experienced with one of our attorneys, please call our offices at (843) 995-5000 today.


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