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In the wake of a serious accident, victims are often overwhelmed by the physical and financial consequences that stem from their injuries. It’s not right for innocent people to be left holding the bill for an injury that someone else caused. When this happens, an attorney can help. If you have been the victim of an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness, you could be eligible to pursue compensation to help ease your suffering.

Fighting for justice can often sound like an overwhelming pursuit to many victims. This is why an attorney can help. An experienced Johnsonville injury lawyer can be your legal advocate and fight for the resources that you need while you recover. The skilled team at Evans Moore, LLC have been helping injury victims in our community since 2010. The combined experience of both Scott C. Evans and James B. Moore III is a powerful resource to victims in Johnsonville. When accident victims entrust them with a case, they don’t take the responsibility lightly because they understand what is at stake.

Our legal team helps people in Johnsonville get back to their normal lives when an accident leaves them reeling. The financial toll that an injury has on victims is often too much to bear and we fight to make sure that the person responsible is held legally accountable for the damage caused. To speak with a member of our team about your situation, call (843) 995-5000 today.

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    Do I Need a Lawyer?

    If you have been the victim of an accident caused by someone else, you should not be left to cope with your injuries on your own. Taking legal action can be a big step for many people, especially those who haven’t previously needed the help of an attorney. Though it may seem intimidating at first, your legal team will walk you through the process and keep you informed. Taking the first step to getting in touch with a lawyer is often the most difficult.

    Though the damage stemming from each situation differs, many accident victims can be tempted to seek the compensation that they need on their own. However, the amount of compensation that you will be able to secure without the help of an experienced lawyer is often significantly less then what a lawyer could help you obtain. Especially for devastating accidents, it is always best to entrust your case to a capable team of injury lawyers. A skilled lawyer will advocate for you every step of the way, making sure that you are positioned to receive the financial award that your situation deserves.

    Additionally, having a team of lawyers behind you can take other, more administrative burdens off of your hands. With a lawyer helping you, not only will you be able to pursue much-needed financial resources, but they can help handle paperwork, insurance disputes, and other time consuming, often confusing, obstacles for you, leaving you to focus on recovering from your injuries.

    Why Choose Evans Moore, LLC to Handle My Case?

    While there are plenty of options for attorneys in South Carolina, when it comes to choosing the best attorneys to represent you, look at the results. Scott C. Evans and James B. Moore III are South Carolinians fighting and winning for the people in their community. Since 2010 they have been fighting tenaciously for accident victims to make sure that an injury can’t dictate the course of your life. The team at Evans Moore, LLC have won millions of dollars for our clients over the years because we understand the stakes.

    Serious injuries can have a devastating impact on victims’ ability to function from day-to-day, earn a living, and care for their families. When an injury interferes in such pervasive ways, it can completely upend their financial security for years to come. Our lawyers fight to make sure that doesn’t happen.

    We are dedicated to serving the Johnsonville community. Our team has been named to the American Society of Legal Advocates’ Top 40 Lawyers Under 40 because of our dedication to make South Carolina a more safe and equitable place for everyone. By stepping up and holding the at-fault party responsible for your injuries, you are sending a message that you can’t be taken advantage of. Our team of Bar Association certified lawyers can help you get this message across in the clearest possible way.

    Cases We Handle

    Unfortunately, serious injuries can result from a variety of situations. Through our dedication and vigilance, we have helped fight for the rights of many people in South Carolina and the greater Johnsonville area. We are highly qualified to represent you if you are the victim of situations involving the following:

    • Brain Injuries
    • Car Accidents
    • Civil Rights
    • Defective Medical Devices
    • Dram Shop Liability
    • Hospital Negligence
    • Insurance Bad Faith
    • Jail Misconduct
    • Medical Malpractice
    • Nursing Home Negligence
    • Personal Injury
    • Police Misconduct
    • Premises Liability
    • Product Liability
    • Sexual Misconduct
    • Truck Accidents
    • Workers’ Comp
    • Wrongful Death

    If you have been the victim of an accident in Johnsonville, reach out to a South Carolina injury lawyer about your situation today. You may be feeling confused and overwhelmed, but there are clear steps that you can take to seek justice, and the lawyers at Evans Moore, LLC can help make the path more clear.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Most potential personal injury claimants have never pursued a lawsuit before, and therefore have numerous questions about the process. To help ease your stress, we have compiled the answers to some of the questions we hear most frequently at our office below.

    How Much Does an Injury Lawyer Cost?

    If you have been injured in an accident, you are likely dealing with serious expenses already. Steep medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage can all add additional financial stress. The lawyers at Evans Moore, LLC understand the financial strain that accidents can cause, so we don’t collect payment unless we win. In the rare cases where we are unable to secure compensation for you, you pay us nothing. If we are successful in recovering the resources that you need, we only collect a percentage of the reward, and the rest goes to you. In the meantime, we will cover all the upfront expenses associated with your case ourselves.

    When Should I File a Personal Injury Claim?

    The amount of time allotted to accident victims varies from state to state. In South Carolina, victims have up to three years to file an injury claim. This limit serves as a protection for the party responsible. The person or company responsible for an injury are only open to legal action for a limited window of time, so it’s important to take action as soon as possible. Though the limitation to file a claim is three years, your case is not legally required to be settled or resolved within that period of time, just started. In the event that you tragically lose a loved one in an accident, you have three years from the date of their death to file a wrongful death claim. This date may be different from the date of their accident.

    How Much Compensation Am I Eligible For?

    The amount of compensation that you are eligible to receive depends entirely on the specific factors of your case. Laws in South Carolina are in place to cap the amount that you are eligible to receive in some instances. For example, damages for medical malpractice cases in South Carolina are capped at $350,000 for pain and suffering and $1.05 million for financial losses.

    In South Carolina, there is also a cap for punitive damages regarding injury cases. Punitive damages are an additional financial reward to the plaintiff designed to further punish the responsible party to deter them from making the same mistake in the future. Punitive damages are capped at $500,000 or three times of the actual damages, whichever is greater.

    Of course, depending on the seriousness of your case, these caps may or may not apply, and a lawyer can evaluate your situation and help give you a sense of how much compensation you are eligible for.

    What Information Will My Lawyer Need to Begin?

    If you have been involved in an accident, collecting all of the documentation associated with your accident and injury will be incredibly valuable to your lawyer. This documentation can include but isn’t limited to medical bills, insurance records, and accident reports. Depending on the specific factors of your case, a lawyer can help you understand exactly what they need to proceed. In some instances, a lawyer can help you recover documentation that you may not have held onto during the course of your injury.

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    If you are suffering from the physical and financial effects of an injury, you do not need to face your situation alone. The legal guidance of experienced Johnsonville lawyers will make your pursuit for justice easier and more successful. Our team has worked with many families fighting through difficult situations. We have the compassion, knowledge, and experience to guide you through the difficulties that serious accidents present. To learn more about how a Johnsonville attorney can fight for you, call the offices of Evans Moore, LLC today at (843) 995-5000.