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Andrews, South Carolina is a town of roughly 3,000 people located in western Georgetown County. Andrews identifies as a “community-oriented town” that does not offer the bars and nightlife of big cities.

Instead, Andrews prides itself on other attractions like boating, fishing, and the area’s popular swimming holes. The outdoor activities around town can involve some people being seriously injured in certain accidents.

Far too many people each year suffer serious injuries and personal losses in Andrews, South Carolina due to someone else’s misconduct. All across South Carolina, individuals are unlawfully hurt or wronged by others. Sadly, the residents of Andrews are no exception. Negligent drivers cause car crashes that hurt our residents. Other Andrews citizens endure financial hardship when insurance companies act in bad faith. Even more endure hardship when law enforcement officials violate their rights. Often, when someone’s negligence or willful wrongdoing causes you harm, it isn’t just immoral—it’s illegal.

If you are a resident of Andrews, South Carolina, and someone else’s misconduct led to your injury or hardship, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. The injury and victim’s rights lawyers at Evans Moore, LLC are ready to help you protect your future and defend your rights. Scott C. Evans and James B. Moore III, along with their legal team, have the skills and the knowledge necessary to handle the most complicated cases. Since they began working together in 2010, they have won over $34 million in settlements for their clients. Evans Moore, LLC offers a free initial consultation so that you can discuss the specifics of your situation with experienced legal professionals before committing to your case. Our dedicated Andrews legal team knows that the client’s well-being comes first.

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    Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

    A person who is injured in an accident in Andrews may or may not be a resident of the town. Many visitors are frequently confused about what options they will have, especially when they live in another state.

    When you’re suffering from a serious injury, your whole life has to be put on hold. There are endless questions running your mind. How will I care for my family? How can I afford to pay these medical bills? Will I ever be able to go back to work? Who is at fault? At Evans Moore, LLC, we have the answers to all of your questions.

    If you are suffering from serious injuries caused by an accident where you were not at fault, you may be legally entitled to compensation. This can help you cover some of, or even all of, the costs from this tragedy. There are several factors in determining the amount of compensation you receive; this includes your expensive medical bills, any property damage, lost wages from not being able to work, pain and suffering, and possibly much more. However, without a lawyer, it is unlikely you will receive the fair compensation you deserve.

    After an accident, you will be physically and mentally exhausted. You will most likely lack the energy to pursue a personal injury claim alone. The legal process is incredibly daunting and is only exacerbated when you’re dealing with an accident. Our lawyers with their expertise can help obtain the compensation you need by figuring out how much this accident truly cost you. Let us give you peace of mind by taking the load off your shoulders. We can handle the legal aspects of your case so you can rest easy. We will relentlessly fight for your full and fair compensation.

    Our firm is committed to helping both Andrews residents and visitors obtain all of the compensation they need and deserve. We do all of this on a contingency fee basis, so you never pay anything until you receive a financial award.

    Cases We Handle

    People in the Andrews area can be injured in a wide variety of accidents. The severity of the injuries can vary depending on the kind of accident a person was involved in.

    Innocent people can face injury, financial distress, a loss of personal rights, and overall hardship for a wide variety of reasons. Many clients who have been physically harmed by someone else’s negligence come to Evans Moore, LLC for help with their personal injury case. Others who have been denied workers’ compensation or a fair payout from an insurance claim secure our assistance to fight against a large company. Whatever your situation, our lawyers are equipped to help victims seek financial compensation.

    We handle a large array of cases including those involving:

    • Brain injuries
    • Car accidents
    • Civil rights
    • Defective medical devices
    • Dram shop liability
    • Hospital negligence
    • Insurance bad faith
    • Jail misconduct
    • Medical malpractice
    • Nursing home negligence
    • Personal injury
    • Police misconduct
    • Premises liability
    • Product liability
    • Sexual misconduct
    • Truck accidents
    • Workers’ comp
    • Wrongful death

    When you are wronged by someone else, the consequences can be catastrophic. A serious injury you sustain during a preventable accident might lead to high medical bills. You may also be forced to take time off work to recover, losing out on vital wages. If your employer discriminates against you due to your race, your national origin, or your gender, you could very well lose your job. To protect yourself against further wrongdoing and to recover the financial compensation you deserve, you need to acquire a skilled lawyer.

    Motor vehicle accidents certainly account for a significant number of the injuries suffered in Andrews because the town is situated by a number of major roads in South Carolina. U.S. Route 521 (US 521) and South Carolina Highway 41 (SC 41) both cut through Andrews, but accidents can just as easily occur at other local roads like Morgan Avenue, Martin Luther King Drive, or Carberry Street.

    No matter what kind of accident you were involved in around the Andrews area, you are going to want to be sure that you speak to a lawyer before you talk to any insurance company. An insurer for the negligent party in your case will likely try to contact you, and you need to be especially careful with what you say during these conversations.

    Never provide any kind of recorded statement to a claims adjuster. Let an attorney handle discussions with insurance companies on your behalf, as they will have a far better understanding of the true value of your claim and can fight to negotiate a fair and full settlement. When an insurance company refuses to provide an adequate settlement, Evans Moore, LLC can file a lawsuit to take your case to court.

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    Did you suffer severe injuries or was your loved one killed in an accident in the greater Andrews area? Do not think that you have to figure out all of the legal complications on your own, as an experienced attorney will be able to take care of all the legwork and allow you to focus on your recovery.

    When you bring your injury claim to a skilled lawyer, they will be motivated to do all they can to make sure that you are fairly compensated for your losses. The attorney can make sure that you satisfy all deadlines and also collect the evidence needed to prove another party’s negligence.

    If you have suffered losses or harm due to someone else’s irresponsibility, you could be legally entitled to financial compensation. Our Andrews lawyers can bring their skills and experience to work for you. The knowledgeable legal team at Evans Moore, LLC is ready to help you get the monetary recompense you need and the justice you deserve. To set up a free consultation with a skilled legal professional, you can fill out the form on our website, use our chat feature, or call us at (843) 995-5000.