Posted in Newsletter on February 07, 2024

During the infrequent periods of downtime at Evans Moore, LLC, the conversations often drift toward automobiles. In addition to being an avid hunter and fisherman (a primary factor in Boo deciding to offer him a job), Buster is also a vintage Toyota enthusiast (a primary factor in Scott deciding to offer him a job). Buster has restored multiple vintage Toyota trucks, and spent much of law school riding around the USC campus in a right-hand drive Toyota surf van that was never sold in the United States and had been imported from Japan.

Boo also has a love for cars. In 1967, James B. “Boo Daddy” Moore purchased a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Rally Sport Convertible in “Citadel Blue” to commemorate Jimmy’ Moore’s freshman year at the Citadel. Jimmy treasured the car for decades, and passed it down to Boo as a gift when Boo was accepted into law school. The car underwent a recent round of major updates (including fuel injection and disc brakes), and can often be seen parked outside the Charleston Office in the Eastside neighborhood of downtown.

Scott is more of a car fanatic than car enthusiast, and picked up his first 1964 Impala in 2000 at the age of 17 and has been working on a series of rusty Chevrolets since that time.

It just so happens that many of our clients are also car enthusiasts. In fact, members of the Charleston-based Done II Profection Car Club were some of our very first clients and continue to support the firm to this day.

Car Clubs are more organized than book clubs or bridge clubs, and normally work to support some local charity or social cause. Formal car clubs started in Southern California shortly after WWII when returning veterans began chopping up pre-war cars to turn them into hot rods. As the lowrider movement caught on through the 1970s in that same region of California, car clubs devoted to cars customized in the lowrider style began to proliferate. In the 1980s, in an attempt to overcome bias that all people driving lowriders and custom cars were gang members, most car clubs began to make it their mission to support local social causes and non-profits. Today, car clubs generally function to allow like-minded individuals to share technical know-how about cars, travel together to car shows, and sponsor charity car shows.

Due either to the climate or to the influence of outsiders from the Air Force and former Navy base, Charleston has had a thriving custom car scene for many decades. In 1994, Charles “Charlie” Byrd founded the Done II Profection Car Club in North Charleston, which is the oldest club in the state still in operation. Due in part to the comradery and support of fellow members, many members who joined as teens have gone on to become leaders in the Lowcountry business community including Jeff Cook, founder of Jeff Cook Real Estate; Joey Easterlin, co-founder of Outlaw Barbershop and Frog Academy; Michael Shawn and Megan Danner, founders of Palmetto Child Care Centers; Ashley Colson, Owner of Orangeburg Honda Kawasaki; Aaron Ingles, owner of Alfies Auto Glass; and Mitch Melling, founder of Mitch Melling Auto Body and Customs.

Since the firm’s inception in 2015, members of the club have been strong supporters of Evans Moore, LLC. In January, the firm hosted the second annual client appreciation cookout and club reunion at our office in the Eastside neighborhood of downtown Charleston. Although the first date was rained out, the backup date proved somewhat chilly but sunny. Many cars of all types were on display, and the firm had its favorite food truck from Georgetown travel to Charleston to cater the event. Stay tuned for details on the next Evans Moore, LLC community event.