Posted in Newsletter on November 02, 2023

Why Evidence Preservation Is Crucial
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Trucking accidents are different from other motor vehicle collisions in almost every way. A large truck has the potential to cause much more damage than a passenger vehicle, but the commercial nature of trucking also adds complexity. Multiple parties could potentially be liable for the accident, and determining the correct one can dramatically impact the outcome of a case. That’s why preserving all evidence in a trucking accident is particularly crucial.

When a truck causes a collision, at least four entities could be legally responsible. The driver may be to blame for driving negligently. However, the trucking company could also be liable if they did insufficient inspections and maintenance. Meanwhile, cargo loaders may have packed the truck unsafely, contributing to the accident; even the truck manufacturer could be responsible for a defect. Seeking damages from the incorrect insurance company could prove devastating.

Many more factors come into play in a trucking accident; no victim can be expected to know them all. Therefore, seeking representation from a personal injury attorney with experience in trucking accidents is essential. They will locate and preserve evidence motorists would not know to look for on their own, and this work can make or break a case.

In a standard car accident case, a personal injury attorney will generally collect photographs from the scene of the accident, police reports, cellphone records, and surveillance video footage. But there’s potentially far more evidence to recover in trucking accidents. For example, trucking company inspection reports, the driver’s logged hours, and the truck’s manifest are important pieces to the puzzle in proving fault.

The truck’s black box might be the most vital piece of evidence. Like airplanes, most trucks use black boxes to record operational data, which investigators can examine for clues about what caused the crash. A black box usually includes details like the truck’s speed, whether the driver attempted to brake, how long the driver had been traveling, and the steering wheel movements. Trucking companies often overwrite this data and resist handing it over unless legally compelled, so obtaining it is urgent.

If you’re in a trucking accident, you should not delay seeking experienced representation you trust. Your attorney’s swift action could determine whether you receive the compensation you deserve.