Posted in Evans Moore, LLC on September 10, 2023

My Grandfather’s Enduring Legacy

Three Generations of MooresOur grandparents often have an immeasurable impact on our lives; mine was no exception. My grandfather, James B. Moore, was a heavy influence on my decision to serve my community through the practice of law. In honor of Grandparent’s Day on Sept. 10, I want to reflect on his legacy.

Most called him “Big Jimmy” or “James Bernice,” but my grandfather was affectionately known to me as “Boo Daddy.” Reared in Andrews, SC, Big Jimmy attended The Citadel for college. After serving in the military and graduating from law school, he began practicing law in Georgetown in 1946 in the same office at 121 Screven Street, where Evans Moore is located today.

In addition to practicing law through Moore Flowers & Doar, Big Jimmy was involved in Georgetown’s economic and political life. He was instrumental in bringing development and industry here, with such businesses as Oneita Knitting Mills, Georgetown Steel Corp, Andrews Wire, and most notably, the Georgetown Port.

My father, Jimmy Moore, joined my grandfather’s firm after law school. While I never had the opportunity to work with my grandfather, it has been one of the greatest joys of my career to work with my father. I’m also proud to carry on our shared name. Between Big Jimmy, my father, and me, we have served the citizens of Georgetown and surrounding communities for over 77 years. I will never take that legacy for granted.

While your grandparents’ influence on your life might have been less direct, they probably still played a role in the person you became. This Grandparent’s Day, I hope you’ll take a moment to reflect on the lessons they taught you and how they steered you along life’s path.