Posted in Personal Injury on March 15, 2023

Getting compensated for your personal injury case requires a lot of information. Your personal injury lawyer will need many documents to get a fair settlement. The type of documentation will depend on your particular case, but some papers are necessary in all personal injury cases.

Before the first meeting with your personal injury attorney, you should organize your documents in a file. The more organized you are, the easier time your lawyer will have to help you. You should bring the following information with you for your first appointment.

Police Reports

You should call the police after any accident, even if you believe your injuries are minor. Your personal injury lawyer needs this report to understand the other driver’s fault and negligence. The police report details the accident scene and is critical to building your case.

Pictures and Videos

It is imperative to take many pictures and videos immediately after the accident. In a slip and fall case, take pictures of your injuries and why you fell, like a wet floor or an oil spill. In the case of a car accident, take pictures and videos of the damaged cars and the surrounding area. Take more pictures than you think you need. That one shot could be the “smoking gun” needed to win you compensation.

Eyewitness Accounts

Witness statements from eyewitnesses are critical in building your personal injury case. A third-party statement gives an unbiased account of the accident. Also, they will be unable to change their story later if you have the original statement.

Remember to get contact information from everyone at the scene (phone numbers, email addresses). Your personal injury lawyer will definitely contact them with additional questions and get an affidavit.

Medical Reports

Your injuries are the crux of your personal injury claim, and your lawyer needs to see every medical report related to the accident. These documents include emergency room visits, doctor’s medical charts, x-rays, and follow-up visits.

Also, you should provide your attorney with any medical reports issued before your accident. Preexisting conditions come up a lot in personal injury cases. You will need these records to show that the injuries you sustained resulted from the accident, not anything preexisting.

Bills Related to the Accident

You should also show your lawyer any bills you have paid relating to the accident. You will want reimbursement from the at-fault party for any expenses you laid out. Examples of these bills include medical invoices, medication, and even the cost of renting a car.

Creating a spreadsheet (or a printed list) of every expense is helpful to your attorney. The organization is the key to a smooth legal claim for compensation.

Insurance Contact Information and Policies

Your lawyer will read your insurance policy to determine if your coverage is enough to file a claim for your injuries. You should also provide your attorney with the contact information of your insurance company.

You should also give your attorney the other driver’s insurance information.

Income Statements

Your injuries may be so severe that you may be unable to work. You should provide any income statements (pay stubs, w-2, tax returns) to prove what you would be earning if not for the accident. Lost wages and earning capacity are vital to proving damages after an accident.

Personal Journal

Many personal injury lawyers tell their clients to keep a personal journal of their daily lives after an accident. These diaries include a daily account of recovering from your injuries, including any ongoing psychological effects.

It would help if you wrote down how the accident has affected every part of your life, from aches and pains to relationships with family members.

You should also talk about attending follow-up doctor’s appointments and your pain threshold if you need surgeries or physical therapy.

Vehicle History Report

Although not essential, giving a history report of any mechanical problems your car may have experienced can also be helpful. These reports are to determine if anything in your car’s history played a part in the car accident.

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