Posted in Reckless Driving AccidentssingleWrongful Death on February 15, 2021

SPARTANBURG, SC – The woman killed in the violent collision along Blackstock Road on February 10th has been identified as Jessica Munyon, a 36-year-old high school teacher.

According to WYFF 4, Munyon was a teacher at South Carolina Whitmore School. She died in a crash previously reported by Evans Moore, LLC after a black Cadillac violently collided with her car.

Police had attempted to pull over the black Cadillac for reckless driving, but did not follow through on the traffic stop due to the vehicle’s excessive speed as it approached a school zone. As police neared Bradford Drive, they saw that the black Cadillac had already crashed into Munyon’s vehicle.

Munyon died at the scene. The suspect was also detained at the scene, but has not been identified.

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