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If you or a loved one has been injured in a no-zone truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Driving around large tractor-trailer trucks is always nerve-wracking, and for good reason. Accidents between cars and large commercial trucks are extremely dangerous.

According to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, in 2017, there were 65 fatalities in crashes involving tractor-trailer trucks. Vehicles like these have huge no-zones, which are spaces around the vehicle in which the driver has limited sight distance. Truck drivers have the responsibility of being especially aware of their surroundings to avoid serious and fatal crashes with the smaller passenger vehicles around them.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a no-zone truck accident, contact Evans Moore, LLC today at (843) 995-5000 to start the process of rebuilding your life and getting the compensation you deserve.

Why You Need a Lawyer

After being injured in such an intense and scary accident, the last thing you need is to find yourself trying to pursue a personal injury case on your own against the negligent party. However, the no-zone truck accident that damaged your property, your health, and your finances needs has cost you dearly and the truck driver or trucking company responsible for the accident needs to be held accountable. That’s why it’s so critical to hire a lawyer to help you pursue justice after your accident.

Even if you’re too physically or mentally drained to file a lawsuit, you still deserve compensation. A lawyer is there to make sure you get everything you’re owed while you recover from your accident.

People who have been in serious truck accidents usually owe thousands of dollars in medical bills, and this is after they’ve already lost money in transportation costs and from not being able to work.

Nobody can ever be prepared for the impact that a no-zone truck accident takes on finances, relationships, and physical and mental health. People who have survived devastating accidents are often left with injuries that take thousands of dollars and months or even years to heal. Sometimes, they never heal at all. Additionally, victims may be left with PTSD or other mental health issues as a result of their crash.

People who have lost family members to no-zone truck accidents will also have to deal with the practicalities of arranging a funeral, settling property, or managing without their deceased loved one’s income. All of these factors are a heavy burden on victims, and that pain and suffering shouldn’t be overlooked when seeking compensation.

When insurance companies offer settlements for no-zone truck accidents, they almost never offer enough money to cover the costs of the accident and pain and suffering. Medical bills for serious injuries sustained in truck accidents can be astronomically high, and your settlement should reflect that.

There are many aspects of filing a personal injury case that the average person would have trouble doing successfully. That’s why people who represent themselves in personal injury cases rarely ever win. You need a respected and experienced attorney to have a fighting chance of winning your no-zone truck accident case.

Trucking companies are always eager to protect their reputation, which means they may try to deny any wrongdoing at first. Your lawyer will get all the details of your case and construct a well-reasoned argument to win the compensation you deserve.

Don’t try to fight your way through a personal injury case alone, and don’t settle for the pittance that insurance agents will try to offer you. Make sure you get fairly compensated for your injuries.

Why You Should Choose Us

At Evans Moore, LLC, we represent a wide range of personal injury cases, including no-zone truck accidents, and we always deliver high-quality legal services to each of our clients. Through our years serving South Carolinians in need, we’ve garnered a reputation for our professionalism as well as our compassion.

We understand that our clients have been through a lot and that the legal process of getting compensated for an accident can be frustrating and confusing. Our client results consistently attest that we are always available to answer questions about cases and that we give helpful advice when it is most needed.

We are uniquely qualified to take your case because while we utilize the skills and resources of a large firm, while we have the compassion and focus of a small one. Our attorneys routinely win thousands, if not millions of dollars for our clients, who have been hurt by everything from car accidents to defective medical devices.

We continue to be successful by carefully considering each case we take on and putting our full effort into winning each one. We confer with expert witnesses and thoroughly investigate every case to make sure that nothing goes amiss.

Through new developments in technology, we continuously stay on the cutting edge when it comes to presenting evidence to a jury. Our firm stays up-to-date while still maintaining a tradition of tried-and-true success inside the courtroom. One-on-one with clients, we deliver honest legal advice. It’s our goal for our clients to be able to move on comfortably with their lives after winning the compensation they deserve.

Cases We Handle

Our firm handles any kind of no-zone truck accident case. We understand that large trucks with huge blind spots can be difficult to avoid, and accidents with large trucks are especially devastating to smaller vehicles.

If you have been made to feel guilty about your part in the accident, we want to assure you that no-zone accidents are common between large trucks and passenger vehicles. It is often impossible to get out of the way in time once you notice a truck veering into your lane or coming up behind you too quickly.

The attorneys at Evans Moore, LLC are happy to discuss your case with you more specifically to determine the best course of action moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because many people are often unfamiliar with the details of no-zone truck accidents, the following are the answers to a few common questions about no-zone truck accident cases.

Where is the no-zone?

The no-zone is the region around a truck in which the driver’s vision is hindered. On most large trucks, including tractor-trailer trucks, the no-zone includes:

  • The area directly behind the truck, extending nearly 200 feet
  • The area directly in front of the truck, extending about 20 feet
  • The area directly to the left of the truck, in front of or beside the side mirror
  • The area directly to the right of the truck, in front of, beside of, and behind the side mirror, angling away from the truck.

As a general rule, if you can see the truck driver’s face, they can probably see you. Otherwise, you are likely in a dangerous position if they decide to switch lanes, speed up, or suddenly brake.

Who is at-fault in a no-zone truck accident case?

While staying out of a truck driver’s blind spots can help you stay safe on the road, it is still the truck driver’s responsibility to be aware of their surroundings. Because of this, if they hit you when they switched lanes or rammed into you by failing to brake in time, you probably have a strong case for compensation.

South Carolina does practice a policy of comparative negligence, which means that if both you and the truck driver were in some way at fault for the accident, you may both be held accountable. Comparative negligence assigns a percentage value to how responsible you were for the accident, and then that percentage is subtracted from the money you collect in damages.

For example, if the jury decided you were 20% responsible for the accident, while the truck driver was 80% responsible, you would receive $80,000 if there was a $100,000 verdict.

However, there is a catch that states that the plaintiff’s negligence can’t be higher than the defendant’s negligence. Therefore, if the jury finds that the plaintiff was over 50% responsible for the accident, they are barred from receiving any money in damages.

How difficult is it to win my claim?

Every personal injury case is different, and truck accident cases of any kind have many changing factors that can affect their outcomes. It is impossible, without speaking personally to an attorney about your case, to accurately gauge how well your case will hold up in court.

In fact, even during a trial, unforeseen problems may arise that can derail the entire case. That’s one of the reasons why hiring a lawyer who has dealt with similar cases before is so important, because they can most accurately judge your chances of winning before and during the case.

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After losing so much to a no-zone truck accident, you deserve to be treated with care and respect. The team at Evans Moore, LLC wants the best for you, which means we’ll fight to win your case no matter the cost.

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