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Georgetown Manufacturing Defects Lawyers

Every day when we get into our cars, use household appliances, or pull up our chairs to sit down to dinner, we expect those products to function properly. We expect our cars to start, our appliances to work, and our chairs to be comfortable. More importantly, we assume that these products are going to be reasonably safe. We do not expect that our car’s airbags will fail in an accident. We do not anticipate that a simple appliance will be a fire hazard. We do not think about the possibility that a poorly-constructed chair will give out under us.

Unfortunately, far too many people in the US have suffered injuries to low-quality, dangerous products. An item that is put together incorrectly or with bad parts can cause severe injury—even death. As the manufacturing defects lawyers at Evans Moore, LLC can attest, individuals who are hurt by the reckless negligence of manufacturers can legally seek financial compensation.

Manufacturing Defects and the Law

We live our lives around many products, but few of us see how they are actually made. How can we protect ourselves from factories and companies that discard consumer safety in favor of easy profits? The law lays down regulations for manufacturers, requiring them to look after the people using their products. Even if manufacturers are making inherently dangerous items—such as blowtorches or axes—they are obligated to consider safety.

Any number of manufacturing errors can cause immense harm to consumers. For example, people can get hurt when manufacturers:

  • Utilize low-cost, low-quality materials
  • Coat products with toxic substances
  • Allow poor workmanship
  • Fail to use quality components
  • Accidentally install the wrong components
  • Fail to follow the designer’s guidelines or blueprints
  • Use parts that are too large or small for the product
  • Wire circuits unsafely

Any one of these issues could lead to a dangerous defect. Manufacturers have a legal obligation to make sure the products we encounter every day are not only functional, but safe. When they fail to uphold this responsibility, innocent people can get seriously injured.

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If you have been injured by a defective product you might be facing high medical bills, physical pain, time lost working, and emotional anguish. The manufacturing defects lawyers at Evans Moore, LLC can fight to get you monetary recompense if a negligent business caused or contributed to your injury. Contact us today at (843) 995-5000 to find out how we can help you hold a reckless manufacturer accountable for their dangerous mistake.