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Parents and caregivers all across the U.S. understand that they have a serious responsibility to protect their children. We make childcare-product purchases carefully and, even when we shop for toys, fun takes a backseat to safety. Tragically, even with the best efforts of caregivers, thousands of children each year are injured—even killed—by dangerous childcare products and toys. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that there were over 250,000 toy-related injuries treated in emergency rooms in 2015.

Many of these injuries are directly related to manufacturer and distributor negligence. The law requires companies that make and sell items for children to ensure that these products are not dangerous, but designers, manufacturers, and distributors continue to fail to use quality materials or carefully test their products and innocent children are severely hurt. At Evans Moore, LLC we are dedicated to seeking justice for injured children and their parents. With skilled legal counsel, you can seek financial compensation if your child was hurt by a dangerous childcare product or an unsafe toy.

Common Dangerous Toy Defects

It’s an unfortunate truth that many companies care more about profits than the well-being of their customers. However, it’s important to remember that businesses are legally required to take basic precautions to keep their products safe. Many injuries every year could have been avoided if a toy manufacturer had implemented simple preventative measures.

Some common, preventable dangers posed by unsafe children’s products include:

  • Sharp edges
  • Button batteries that can be easily swallowed
  • Toys labeled for inappropriate age groups
  • Flammability
  • Quantities of lead
  • Mislabeled products
  • Dangerous electrical wiring
  • Toxins and unsafe chemicals
  • Small parts that could choke young children

Any one of these defects could seriously hurt an unsuspecting child, but this list is certainly not complete. Many product problems can lead to injury. You should seek legal counsel as soon as possible if you suspect that a dangerous product somehow hurt your child.

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At Evans Moore, LLC, our experienced dangerous childcare products and toys attorneys have the knowledge and skills necessary to hold companies responsible for their negligence. We firmly believe that corporations have a responsibility to make safe products—especially if they make items and toys intended for children. Call us today at (843) 995-5000 to speak with a compassionate legal professional about how we can help you protect your child’s rights.