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The healthcare industry relies more and more on treating illnesses with drugs and medicines. These amazing chemicals have numerous benefits when they are used appropriately. They can slow the spread of disease, ease painful symptoms, help manage an ailment, and improve patient health in general. In the United States, we confidently believe that when a healthcare professional gives you medicine, you will benefit. Unfortunately, far too many people each year suffer unnecessary pain and complications in hospitals and other healthcare locations because medical professionals administer medicine improperly.

The proper use of medicine has amazing advantages, but the improper administration of medicine has terrible health risks. A patient given the incorrect medicine or the wrong dose by a medical professional can suffer from unexpected side effects, an allergic reaction, and even organ damage. The consequences of the improper administration of medicine can be long lasting and burdensome. As the medical malpractice attorneys at Evans Moore, LLC know well, healthcare professionals are expected follow a high standard of care when they treat patients. Victims of the improper administration of medicine may have legal grounds for seeking financial compensation to help offset the various costs of their recovery.

Common Types of Improper Administration

The law holds medical professionals responsible for preventable errors for several reasons. First, doctors and nurses are expected to treat their patients with care because human lives are at stake. Even a small clerical error can destroy someone’s health irreparably. Second, if a healthcare professional keeps up with developments in medical treatments and pays attention to the particulars of each patient, they can avoid many mistakes.

Administering medicine requires focus, care, and knowledge. The correct drug must be prescribed in the proper dosage and it must be transmitted to the patient using appropriate procedures. When a healthcare professional fails in any of these steps, an innocent patient can pay the price. Some common examples of improper medicine administration include:

  • Giving the patient the incorrect dosage
  • Giving the patient the wrong drug
  • Failing to use the appropriate procedure to administer the drug
  • Failing to use the correct equipment when administering the drug

Any one of these mistakes can cause a serious health problem for a patient. That is why healthcare professionals are legally expected to give the best care they possibly can.

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