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South Carolina Anesthesia Error Lawyers

Anesthesia is an important part of many medical procedures. In the right dosage, it can save the patient a great deal of pain or even allow for procedures that are only possible with a sedated patient. However, in the wrong dosage or at the wrong time and place, anesthesia can leave patients exposed to extreme physical and emotional trauma, and can even cause injury or death.

Anesthesiologists have a duty to handle their jobs with the utmost care because the slightest misstep could spell disaster for the patient. If you or someone you love was hurt by an anesthesia error, Evans Moore, LLC can help you to fight the negligent medical professionals responsible and to hold them accountable for the harm they’ve caused you.

How and When Anesthesia Errors Occur

Administering anesthesia is a delicate process with many variables and opportunities for error. Anesthesiologists who do not pay careful attention to all of these factors put the patient in serious danger. Here are some of the variables anesthesiologists can get wrong:

  •  Type of anesthetic: Anesthesia comes in multiple forms and can be local, regional, or general. Local and regional anesthetics numb parts of the body, while general anesthetics completely sedate the patient. Mixing up these types can result in the wrong level of numbness or sedation for the procedure, often leading to extreme pain or injury.
  • Dosage: Too little of an anesthetic can leave patients in severe pain or conscious for extremely invasive procedures. Too much can be deadly.
  • Area of administration: Sometimes, negligent anesthesiologists administer local or regional anesthetics to the wrong part of the body, leaving patients able to feel pain in the area where the procedure actually takes places.
  • Time of administration: Administering anesthesia too early or too late can leave patients conscious or feeling pain for a portion of the procedure.
  • Patient consent: Sometimes, patients receive anesthesia or a particular type of anesthetic without giving permission.

Any of these errors and others can result in extreme pain, complications in the procedure, and injury. Some errors can even cause death. Anesthesiologists who have committed any of these errors have acted negligently.

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Fighting negligent medical professionals can be a difficult process. On top of whatever landed you in the hospital, you have been hurt even further by the very people charged with keeping you out of pain. It is important to have a lawyer on your side who will handle your case with compassion. The medical malpractice lawyers at Evans Moore, LLC have experience fighting negligent anesthesiologists in Georgetown and Charleston. We will work to build your case and increase your chances of holding your anesthesiologist responsible for the harm they caused you. If you or someone you love was hurt by an anesthesia error, contact the South Carolina anesthesia error lawyers at Evans Moore, LLC today by calling (843) 995-5000.