South Carolina Reduced Claims Lawyers

When you enter into an insurance agreement, you pay a premium fee for peace of mind and the assurance that you have coverage in the event of a disaster. Knowing that you have financial protection against unforeseeable accidents or an unanticipated problem makes many policyholders feel more at ease. You reasonably expect your insurance company to live up to their end of the bargain if you are in a car accident, hospitalized, or coping with the death of a loved one. However, some insurance companies betray their clients’ trust by failing to follow through with their obligations. Every year, companies that attempt to reduce their claim payout cheat far too many people out of the money they deserve. People who counted on their insurance policies to cover them end up struggling with debt and wondering why.

Thankfully, South Carolina law forbids insurance companies from unjustly reducing their clients’ claims. The bad faith insurance lawyers at Evans Moore, LLC deeply sympathize with victims of these dishonest insurance companies, but our legal team is confident that the law can hold cheating businesses accountable. Victims of bad faith insurance have legal recourse and can even earn damages that are worth more than their original claim.

Some Signs of Reduced Claim Bad Faith

Victims of reduced claim bad faith insurance can feel completely helpless. After all, the insurance company did cover some of the costs—just not as much as promised. Can you really hold the company legally responsible if they provided you with money? South Carolina law says absolutely. While unjustly or unreasonably denying a claim is a much more obvious sign of bad faith, companies are also not allowed to pay you less than they should.

However, reduced claim bad faith can be difficult for the average person to spot. Victims are left in doubt, assuming that the company must be right and they must be wrong. Knowing some of the signs of bad faith insurance can help you protect yourself. A few examples include:

  • The insurance company pays you less than their contract specifies
  • The company does not clearly or promptly explain their reasoning for your payment amount
  • Your claim feels rushed and not properly investigated
  • The company requests large amounts of documentation not mentioned in their contract
  • Your insurance company advises you against hiring a lawyer

For the average person, bad faith insurance practices can be difficult to assess, especially if the company is at least paying you some amount of money. If you feel unsure or uneasy about the low payout of your claim, you should consult with a bad faith insurance lawyer.

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