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We pay for insurance thinking it will protect us from a large number of risks. However, when one of these risks becomes a reality, the insurance company might try to deny coverage. Usually, this unfair practice occurs to save the company money without any regard for the lives and livelihoods at stake. This behavior can leave you, the insured, without the means to rebuild a home or replace stolen property. You might even be without the option of a potentially life-saving medical treatment.

Insurance companies have a duty to cover customers for everything they promised. If you or someone you love had an insurance claim wrongly denied, you may have legal options. The insurance bad faith lawyers at Evans Moore, LLC can help build your case and increase your chances of making your insurance company accept your claim.

Taking Legal Action for Your Denied Claim

If your insurance company has denied your claim, the most important first step is to find out why. Once the company has given a reason for denying your claim, if you feel that reason is wrong, you can begin to fight. If you choose to take legal action, here are some of the costs for which you can seek compensation:

  • The coverage your insurer denied you: If the terms of your policy state that it covers something and the insurance company says it denied your claim because your policy does not cover that, the company has illegally breached your contract. If you can prove that your insurer should have covered your claim under the terms of your policy, you can seek compensation for that coverage.
  • Physical and financial consequences of the denial: A wrongfully denied claim can result in further damage to you, your property, or your finances. For example, if your denied claim kept you from pursuing a form of medical treatment, your condition might worsen, putting you in physical danger and requiring further, expensive treatment.
  • Emotional suffering: Insurance claims often come at stressful times in life, such as during hospitalizations or natural disasters. When insurance companies take a combative stance and refuse to give you the help you need, they can make your emotional suffering even worse.

When you are in a vulnerable situation, your insurance company has a great deal of power to make that situation better. Unfortunately, it only takes one greedy or incompetent corporate bureaucrat to deny your claim and make your situation worse.

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Fighting a denied insurance claim can be a stressful process. If you were in a position to file an insurance claim in the first place, you are likely going through a difficult time in life anyway, and an uncooperative insurance company can make that time even harder. The South Carolina insurance bad faith lawyers at Evans Moore, LLC have the experience needed to handle the legal side of your struggle. We will fight to hold your insurance company accountable. If you or someone you love had an insurance claim wrongfully denied, call the South Carolina denied claims lawyers of Evans Moore, LLC today at (843) 995-5000.