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Motorcycles provide an inexpensive and convenient alternative to driving conventional cars. Their low fuel and repair costs makes them great for casual city commuting or even long road trips. However, while many motorcycle riders are very safe in the operation of their own vehicles, negligent drivers endanger their lives every day.

At Evans Moore, LLC, our Georgetown motorcycle accident attorneys understand how traumatic a motorcycle accident can be. These accidents often result in a lifetime of medical complications and financial ruin if the correct legal steps are not taken. Our legal team strives to help victims of motorcycle accidents recover compensation so that they do not have to face the heavy burdens of an accident they did not cause. Call our office today at (843) 995-5000 to speak with a lawyer.

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    Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle accidents can happen for countless reasons. While some of them prove to be inevitable, many others are the result of a driver’s neglect of basic driving rules. These drivers fail to yield or even notice motorcycle riders, leading to devastating accidents. Motorcycles have limited safety measures to protect the rider, and consequently motorcycle riders face serious injuries when accidents occur. As a result, the majority of the costs associated with a motorcycle accident will be taken upon by the motorcycle rider. Some of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents in Georgetown include:

    • Reckless Driving
    • Drunk Driving
    • Distracted Drivers
    • Motorcycle Defects
    • Negligence

    These common causes lead motorcycle riders to face many expensive consequences such as medical bills, insurance increases, motorcycle repairs, and lost wages. Burdens such as these can affect a motorcycle rider’s life for years, and it is unjustifiable when they did not cause the accident in the first place.

    Contact a Georgetown Motorcycle Accident Attorney

    If you or someone you love has been the victim of a motorcycle accident, know that you have many legal options to begin seeking compensation today. Like any other automobile accident, the at-fault party should be the one to bear the financial consequences of their actions in motorcycle accidents. At Evans Moore, LLC, our attorneys are dedicated to providing the legal advice and action necessary for motorcycle accident victims to move on from their traumatic accident. Contact our office at (843) 995-5000 to learn more about your legal options today.

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