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Bicycle collisions involving an automobile can be incredibly dangerous. In the event of an accident, the massive weight and force of a moving vehicle against a bike that offers no protection from impact is likely to result in serious injury for the cyclist. Although drivers are legally required to share the road with bicycles and exercise caution in consideration of smaller vehicles, collisions resulting from a driver’s negligence occur regularly. These accidents can be caused by a driver who veered into the bike lane, failed to check for oncoming bicycles when turning right, or otherwise acted inattentively when cyclists were present. While cyclists and drivers are both legally required to obey the rules of the road, damages from a collision are often greater for a cyclist, necessitating a greater duty of care on the part of the driver.

Driver negligence and recklessness—driving in ways you know could potentially put others’ safety at risk— is the cause of many bicycle accidents. These injuries tend to result in costly medical bills and lost time at work while you recover. At Evans Moore, LLC, the knowledgeable Georgetown bicycle accident lawyers understand the risk that cyclists are placed under while on the road and can help you fight for financial restitution on your behalf if you’ve been injured.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

As bicycle commutes become more popular and cities continue making their roads bike-friendly, it is imperative to exercise proper caution while driving. Injuries that can result from a bike collision can include:

  • Head or brain trauma
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Lacerations, scrapes, bruises
  • Broken bones
  • Facial injuries

The type of injury sustained will depend on the speed of the automobile, whether a helmet was used, and the degree of impact. If a cyclist was negligent in a collision by riding on the wrong side of the road, running stop signs, turning abruptly into traffic, or ignoring traffic laws, they may be unable to recover damages.

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Being the victim of a bicycle accident caused by another driver’s negligence can be infuriating. If you or someone you love was involved in a bicycle collision, the legal team at Evans Moore, LLC may be able to fight for your interests. Don’t hesitate to contact our Georgetown offices at (843) 995-5000 for support and guidance in your case.