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If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident in Charleston or the surrounding areas, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Truck accidents can be horrifying experiences, causing physical and mental trauma in addition to significant financial hardships.

The personal injury attorneys of Evans Moore, LLC understand the impacts of truck accidents and the trauma it can cause for you and your loved ones. We will help you to understand your legal options and use the facts of your case to fight for financial compensation that can help you to recover lost wages, pay medical bills, and get you on the path to recovery.

If were injured or a loved one was injured or killed in a truck accident in South Carolina, contact the Charleston area truck accident lawyers of Evans Moore, LLC today at (843) 995-5000 to speak to a member of our legal team about your case. We are here to help you get the compensation you need to move forward with your life after a devastating accident.

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    Why Do I Need a Truck Accident Lawyer?

    Truck accidents are particularly challenging cases to handle. Truck accidents often involve multiple liable parties, including the driver, their employer, the truck manufacturer, the maintenance company, and the owner of the cargo being transported. Additionally, truck accidents involve much more evidence than a regular car accident, including the truck’s black box, driver logs, maintenance records, employee handbooks, company records, and more. Combing through all this evidence and dealing with all these parties while you are trying to recover from your injuries can be almost impossible.

    A truck accident lawyer can effectively assess your case, communicate with insurance companies, and win you the compensation that you need to recover and return to your life. Lawyers will help to present you with your legal options and provide a powerful voice for you and your interests during the settlement or in the courtroom. The most qualified personal injury lawyers will understand the nuances of the law, building a case that will be able to win the compensation that you need. Hiring a lawyer will give you the best chance of recovering the full amount of compensation you deserve, with the least stress on your part.

    Why Choose Evans Moore, LLC to Handle My Case?

    At Evans Moore, LLC, we pride ourselves on our small firm culture and individualized attention to every client. Our attorneys, James B. Moore III and Scott C. Evans, have become leading personal injury attorneys in Charleston throughout South Carolina. Both South Carolina natives, they bring more than 20 years of combined experience to their practice.

    Attorney James Moore has been honored as a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers several times in his career, as well as being named a “Top 40 Under 40” for litigation lawyers in South Carolina by the American Society of Legal Advocates. His partner in the firm, attorney Scott C. Evans, has been named a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers in South Carolina from 2014-2018. Our firm has brought over $100 million in settlements and jury verdicts for our clients. We have extensive experience arguing cases in court at both the state and federal levels.

    Our firm brings with this experience and accolades an intimate familiarity with personal injury law, along with the necessary tools to take on your case with confidence. The fact that we are a smaller firm means that we can bring personalized attention and care to your case. We understand that the way to win a case and, therefore, the compensation that you need is by understanding the facts of your case as thoroughly as possible.

    Types of Truck Accident Cases We Handle

    Truck accidents can occur for numerous reasons but can all have severe consequences. Some of the common types of truck accident cases we handle include:

    • Driving Under the Influence: Driving under the influence is illegal and poses a threat to other motorists. Truck drivers have an even lower legal blood alcohol content limit than ordinary drivers.
    • Drowsy Driving: Truck drivers work long hours, and sometimes violate regulations requiring them to take breaks. If a truck driver falls asleep behind the wheel, they can lose control of their vehicle and cause deadly crashes.
    • Distracted Driving: Any action that takes a truck driver’s attention away from the road is dangerous and can lead to accidents.
    • Faulty Parts: Truck manufacturers are responsible for quality control when producing truck parts. If an unsafe part is discovered and known to be on operational trucks, the manufacturer has the responsibility to recall the part. In particular, faulty tires and brakes are causes of major accidents due to tire blowouts or runaway trucks.
    • Improper Maintenance: Truck companies have a responsibility to maintain their fleet of vehicles. If they are negligent with maintenance and the truck malfunctions out on the road, the company may be responsible for damages.
    • Trucking Company Negligence: Trucking companies have a responsibility to impart high standards of safety onto their drivers. This includes training employees, doing background checks, and conducting equipment safety inspections. If a trucking company is negligent in employee or equipment safety standards, they can be held liable.
    • No-Zone Accidents: Trucks have large blind spots called no-zones. Drivers need to monitor these blind spots so that they don’t collide with a car they did not notice entered their no zone.
    • Truck Driver Errors: Although driver error can happen with even the most experienced and attentive drivers, these errors can have disastrous consequences.

    Evans Moore, LLC has experience handling all of the above types of cases and more. Although these are the most common cases, we recognize that every case and the individuals attached to them are unique, and we promise to treat every case as such.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The following are some answers to frequently asked questions about truck accidents. For specific answers about your case, call us at (843) 995-5000 or contact us online.

    Is an attorney necessary after a truck accident?

    Lawyers can be effective communicators, amplifying your voice during the settlement or in the courtroom if a settlement can’t be reached. They will be able to effectively communicate your interests to insurance companies and other parties after an accident. Remember, insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind; their sole purpose is to make sure that you get as little as possible for your claim. Don’t let an insurance company rush you through the claims process before the full extent of your injuries is apparent. After a truck accident, contact a lawyer as soon as possible so that they can handle all the communications with an insurance company so that your interests are represented.

    What steps should I take after an accident?

    After an accident, contact the police if they haven’t yet been called so that there is a record of the accident in the form of a police report. Seek medical attention even if you don’t believe you are hurt, as some injuries present with delayed reactions. Take photos of the accident scene or have someone do it for you if you are not able. Photo evidence can be valuable during the settlement or litigation process. Then, contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

    What if I’m partially at fault for my accident?

    South Carolina exercises comparative negligence. As the plaintiff, if you’re less than 50 percent at fault for an accident as determined by a judge or jury, you may claim compensation. Your compensation can be reduced based on the percentage that you were at fault. For example, if you were found to be 25% responsible for your accident and you would have been awarded $100,000, you would ultimately receive only $75,000.

    Will I necessarily need to appear in court following a truck accident?

    Many cases are resolved without the need for litigation. Even if litigation becomes necessary, there is a strong possibility when dealing with insurance companies that the claim can be settled before it moves to mediation before a court. A small percentage of cases make it all the way to a courtroom. Even if your case does go all the way to court, Evans Moore, LLC will never rest until we win you the full amount of money you need.

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    Truck accidents can be severe, often causing life-altering or fatal injuries. Along with the pain from your injuries or loss, these accidents result in immense financial pressure from mounting medical bills and lost wages. The statute of limitations on truck accidents is three years, which may sound like a long time, but it is essential to seek the help of a skilled lawyer as soon as possible to begin your journey to justice.

    If you were injured or a loved one was killed in a truck accident in the Charleston area, you need to understand your legal options. Though no amount of money can take away your pain or bring back a lost loved one, compensation for your injuries can help you move on with your life as you try to heal. Let us help you hold the responsible parties accountable. Call the Charleston area attorneys of Evans Moore, LLC today at (843) 995-5000 to speak with a member of our legal team about your case in a free consultation.